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Maysta International GmbH established

Release time:2021-09-22 Form:

Maysta International GmbH established

In April 2021 Maysta opened in Europe a wholly owned international subsidiary located in Frankfurt, Germany.

"Development of tailor-made products, fine tuning of technical solutions and internationalization" is Maysta’s vision for the future. Maysta International GmbH is growing on the European and America markets, and Maysta Chemical started the process of developing globally supply for its products. The interaction between Maysta Chemical and Maysta International GmbH will strengthen company R&D activities, its technical service capabilities as well as application development of PU additives. As a company Maysta is transforming from PU additives producer to supplier offering complete PU additives solutions to the PU industry .

Address of Maysta International GmbH:

Eschborner Landstrasse 42, Haus B, 60489 Frankfurt am Main

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