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Maysta: On expansion course in Europe

Release time:2022-06-30 Form:PU Magazine international Von Robert Müller

Jiangsu Maysta Chemical Co., Ltd. has announced the transfer competition of Maysta International GmbH to its location in Frankfurt, Germany. The new subsidiary Maysta International GmbH (MI) will be part of the internationalisation of the company’s activities and with the responsibilities in EMEA the team of Maysta International GmbH (MI) will boost the service level for customers.

The new German subsidiary is lead by a team of proven experts: Marcus Grell joined the company on 1 April 2022 as General Manager with Matthias Sikorski as Vice General Manager – Technical Service. The operation will be rounded up by the support of Managing Director/Vice General Manager – Administration for the operative business Dr. Xiang Jia.

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